Monday, December 8, 2008

Divorce debt and bankrutpcy filing

Here is a recent question I have been asked regarding bankruptcy and divorce decrees.

I'm due to be divorced on Tuesday, Thursday a credit card company is taking me to court for non-payment over the last year. I've been trying to get a divorce for 1 year, I have 2 children, had to move home with my parents and while I do have an income I still do not make enough money to pay the credit card debt created by my husband. I do not get child support (he's not working) and seldom sees the kids. What should I do about the court date on Thursday? I cannot afford another lawyer, I have to pay this one $100 monthly!! Should I have filed for bankruptcy before they set a court date for the judgment?


Your divorce decree will control who would be responsible for the debt. I assume it is a joint debt, or the decree is saying you will be responsible. Even though a bankruptcy may discharge your obligation, if the divorce decree says you will pay it, then you would still be responsible,despite the bankruptcy filing. If you are not responsible for the debt, bring your decree to court to show the judge.

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